Havana Saver™ currently comes in 19 handle designs and each comes with carrying case. The art work, molding, and casting are professionally produced. The metal material used in making the Havana Saver™ are lead and nickle free, and will not alter the taste of your cigar. The Havana Saver™ comes in designs including Golf ball; Horse and Jockey; Las Vegas sign; Iron Cross; Shotgun Primer Cap; Motorcycle; Pole Stripper; Skull & Crossbones. More designs are underway, and will arrive in October 2011. See images below to get a flavor of the Havana Saver™.

The Havana Saver™ has a suggested retail price of $9.95 USD, so it is within reach of almost any budget. Considering the fact that you are getting so much more smoking time from each of your cigars, it will pay for itself in no time. It might take one or more times to get used to the feel that is right for your hand, and the angle that you prefer to insert the Havana Saver. But the minute you hit the “sweet spot” a few times, and notice how much longer each cigar will last, you will be sold for life. Keep one in a case in your pocket, one in your golf bag, and one in your car. Maybe you can have one in the garage, just in case the house is not a cigar friendly environment.

The Havana Saver™ is available in custom designs and private labels. High end pieces can be made on an individual basis in platinum, gold of silver. Precious stones from diamonds to sapphires can also be used. We only work with small, family run jewelers, so your product will carry a guarantee.

Retail Store Display Box:

Give us a call to discuss designs that meet your specific wants and needs. Cigar manufacturers, distributors and retail shops can call Terry, Stephen, or Mike for more information on pricing and quantities.

From all of us here at Havana Saver™, we hope you’ll give our products a try, we would appreciate your comments or feedback. Keep coming back to our website for new Havana Saver™ accessories coming soon. (Patent Pending)